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Blowing Hot Air – Why Your Dryer Might Not Be Working (Heating)

Dryer Repair winnipeg

When you’re stuck with a dryer that isn’t feeling so hot, there are a few things that you can attempt on your own to try and get it back to normal. Right away, you should check to see if the fuse your dryer is on hasn’t blown. A quick look at your circuit breaker will determine if this is the source of your dryer’s problems. You should also clean you dryer filter trap. We suggest you remove any lint from its screen after every load. Every couple of months, you should also use a thin hose attachment on your vacuum to clean the trap container itself.

Next up, inspect your dryer’s vent hose. A bent or clogged hose can restrict airflow and affect your dryer’s ability to produce heat. Before you attempt to clean this hose, remember to unplug your dryer. Using an appliance brush, remove any built-up lint and dust from inside the air vent and its hose. When your hook up the vent, ensure the hose isn’t bent before you plug the dryer back in.

If none of these are the source of your dyer woes, then it’s time to get in touch with our dryer repair technicians. Any repairs that require work on the intricate wiring of your appliance should be undertaken by those with the skills, experience, and equipment necessary for the job. If you aren’t a registered technician yourself, then we suggest, for your own safety, you defer to the professionals. It will also save you any money if you accidentally make a DIY mistake as you attempt repairs.

When you get in touch with one of our technicians, they’ll perform a complete diagnostic check of your appliance. During their assessment, they’ll inspect the high limit thermostat, the cycling thermostat, the dryer’s igniter, the radiant flame sensor, the coils, and the thermal fuse. By examining each part separately, they can determine what needs correcting, so they only fix what absolutely needs repairs. These repairs can be done same-day, so your dryer can get back to doing what it’s supposed to be – saving you time, energy, and money as you dry your clothes.

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