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Top 5 most common fridge problems

Fridge repair Winnipeg

It's no secret that appliances break from time to time. Of all household appliances, we depend most on our refrigerator. If your refrigerator stops working, it can quite easily result in a large amount of spoiled food. Not only is this an inconvenience but the expense of refilling your fridge with fresh produce can put much pressure on your budget. Here are five of the most common problems that may affect your fridge.

1. Fridge not cold

If you notice that your fridge is on but not nearly as cool as it should be, this could indicate a minor or serious problem. The first thing to check is the temperature at which you have set your fridge. Sometimes a simple adjustment can solve this problem. If the temperature is set properly but your fridge still isn't cooling, then there might be a blockage or another more serious problem involving the motor or thermostat.

2. Noisy fridge

A brand new fridge will make some noise, but it should not be enough to hear from the next room. If your fridge starts making a noise, it could be the build up of ice, a bad fan motor or blade, or even a noisy condenser to blame. It's always good to have your fridge looked at as soon as you notice any strange noises. Avoiding immediate repairs may make the problem worse.

3. Leaky fridge

This is one of the most dreaded of all refrigerator problems. Not only because of the urgent nature of the repairs but also the thought of having to clean up all that water. Some reasons behind this problem include water valve leaks, a blockage in the drainage system, or even doors that no longer close properly.

4. Food freezing in the fridge

If your fridge takes chilling to the next level and you're ending up with icicles on your food or even frozen blocks of butter and cheese, then you might want to look at the temperature of your fridge. Another important point to consider is if you have accidentally placed your food up against the back panel of the fridge. Some space must be allowed for proper circulation and drainage. If neither the temperature nor the positioning of your food is to blame, other problems may include a faulty thermostat, temperature control problems, or even a stuck damper.

5.Fridge cycling

too much If the motor of your refrigerator hardly seems to stop, you will notice that your electric bills will be affected. You may also notice that the humming sound of the motor will fill your kitchen more often than not. If this is the case, it could be a matter of built­up debris or dirt on the condenser coils. The temperature of your fridge may also be set too low. Of course, it could be another problem altogether. The thermostat can cause over cycling of the motor as can certain other related parts.

The most important thing to remember is to have your refrigerator problems tended to by an experienced professional and to do so sooner rather than later. There are some instances when an old fridge is best replaced but, for the most part, repairs are cheaper and far less inconvenient.

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